Galaxy Voyage

Galaxy Voyage 1.0.14

Science fiction strategy game with massive spaceships and base building

Galaxy Voyage is a multiplayer strategy game for your android OS smartphone or tablet built in an immersive science fiction world that allows you to form alliances and wage war on a global scale across a massive game universe.

Free to play with in game purchases available, the game follows the popular method of allowing players to build anything given enough time and then giving the option to speed up construction and unit build times by using real money to decrease timers. The formula doesn't detract from the excellent

Build bases, upgrade buildings and design your ships in order to expand your galactic empire. Explore the map to discover new and exciting planets as well as find foes to defeat.

Research advanced technologies and then outfit your ships and buildings to create an Empire that can stand up to the worst that the galaxy can throw at you.

Ships range from small destroyers to gigantic flagships that can change not only the course of a battle, but the course of your Empire. Build bases in 3D graphics and fight you battles in beautifully rendered graphics.

Each ship has certain skills and weaknesses that you, as a commander, will need to know and utilize in order to achieve victory. Grow your economy on planet to fund the defense of your worlds and reach out to take from others as a conqueror. Explore to find new and exciting planets and galaxy's for great rewards.

Galaxy Voyage is a strategy game of galactic proportions, building your empire city by city and planet by building while defending what you've earned. The variety of upgrades and ship types means that the options for different strategy options is extremely deep. Include great graphics and excellent controls for mobile and you've got a great strategy game in a futuristic world.

Galaxy Voyage


Galaxy Voyage 1.0.14

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